Carole Meier

From Bach to the Ocean

As a singing violinist I accompany you in happy and sad moments, when words have lost their meaning.

repertory   music from J. S. Bach, own songs, instant composing, improvisations, folk- and art songs in elaborate arrangements for voice and violin or baroque viola

to listen:  La Rosa 1  Tear-Ocean 2  Ach Helidoni mou 3


solo performance for voice
and low tuned baroqueviola

lyrics: Carole Meier
compositions: Martin von Allmen





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Hu dances

Free dance with live music

We create a space where you can let live dance trough you.



voices in rhythmic circles

sporadic workshop-rituals together with Efi Xanthopoulou in Greece

to experience music in a holistic (maybe old greek) way

φωνές σε ρυθμικούς κύκλους

Fry 13/10/2017 6-9 pm, open door from 5:30
at Studio Kodo stage, Aiolou 45 and Karopi, Monastiraki, Athens
once upon a time:



instant composing, contemporary chamber music, improvisation

Martin von Allmen: percussion, voice, composition
Carole Meier:  percussion, voice


Trees of Sound

Trees of Sound – archj meets german sound performer Limpe Fuchs

Martin von Allmen: percussion, voice
Carole Meier: voice, violin, baroqueviola
Limpe Fuchs: voice, xylo- and  lithophones, pendulum springs, bronze drums



Lyriko with Manolis Papavassiliadis (guitar, voice): Greek folk music, rembetiko, ballads and improvisations

Pyrina with Peter Scholl (gongs, celtic harp, over- and undertone singing): meditative sounds and songs

Stein und Stern with the actor Markus Amrein: a musical lecture on  Brother Klaus